Saturday, December 18, 2010

Andy Lehrer

Andy Z. Lehrer, PhD, (born May 16, 1930 in , Romania) is a Romanian entomologist, having the titles of university professor, doctor of biology (1967), principal researcher of first degree and head of the Laboratory of Entomoparasitologie of the Biological Research Institute of the Romanian Academy, (1964-1996). Since 1996 he has worked as researcher associated with the Laboratory of Zoology of Tel Aviv University (1996- ) and studies Sarcophagidae and Calliphoridae of several zoogeographical areas of the world. He has published around 400 scientific works, in various journals and his self-published journal, Fragmenta Dipterologica. His works are of some taxonomic significance, but are often incomplete and erroneous, especially in regard to zoological nomenclature.

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