Saturday, May 19, 2012

Important article from Reporter Virtual (translated)

One of the most celebrated scholars entomologists Dr. Andy Z. Lehrer, highlight (quote): "On May 1st, I wrote a little comment from Truth magazine, which discusses the false credibility encyclopedia Wikipedia in Romanian, seeking to confirm the facts, well known to me, those referred to revolt and pain Filipas Mr. Titus, the electronic magazine Asymetria . He stressed that exceptionally "Romanian language Wikipedia wrongly treats crucial issues of Romanian culture "And that" Old men [its] anonymous as an ideology that coordinates anti - Romanian admissions and rejections of articles on Wikipedia Romanian language intentionally used a false code of values, even a code of values ​​deliberately falsified ". I wanted them to unmask and infiltration of characters without Romanian culture and feelings that have become "administrators" more or less absconşi of Wikipedia and monopolized, with a boldness, a nerve and unimaginable vulgarity, informative area of ​​the East East, especially the Jews. Moreover, that Zionist ignorant, reactionary and gossip, Leonard Bernstein (Arie Inbar said), together with a large number of dandy "traditionalists" of the Hebrew Bible (Ewan, Feri Goslar, Alex F., Mishuletz etc.) and with the blessing of Gutza (Bogdan Stancescu rectum), and Andrei Stroe AdiJapan forum constituted censorship of all scientific data showing another facet of the history of Hebrew religious sect ... ". Also Prof. Dr. Andy Z. Lehrer testified in a commentary: "It is enough to see the great steward by Bogdan Stancescu (probably identifiable in person" bureaucrat "Gutza), in which many incoherent phrases, foreign language and many of our false information, known by many volunteers who have been disappointed by the gross ignorance, abuses and absurdities of the populist who pose as "administrators", but men of culture, encyclopedists true ". Romanian Wikipedia is flooded with abuse administrators who, often, wrong decisions. I know this project is voluntary, but this does not mean you have to permit circumvention of truths about our national culture and not I use the term numai.De Scam? Usually, this word is used when someone wrong to acquire some material benefits, but they are some of the cultural răuvoitorii how this nation can be called? Does not hurt much more than a thief who made a handful of silver anyone mind? I think so! When the article about me was being discussed, someone who hides behind the pseudonym AdiJapan and claims that it physicist had the nerve to deny the venerable critic Dodu Ion Balan, wondering if he can speak for literary criticism. A certain person who hides under the name of LauraP and decided to delete Article about me, I said mockingly that philosopher in sheep, while academician Gheorghe Vlăduţescu a celebrity culture philosophy says about me, "the wisdom literature has a history perhaps as old as writing itself. Not only the ancient East, but in ancient Greece "wise men" selected their apoftegmatică (sentenţiară), easily memorable, to make, what was the traditional celery, paideia, the education of the soul for training. Romanian culture and tradition is rich. Mr. Sorin Cerin is part of it all being a work of remarkable. Highs - focuses his reflections of life and cultural experience and the plenitude of its shares to others. All who will open this book for learning, like any good book, it will reward you by attending wisely thought better of reading them. " Is to be schooled in the philosophy that person hiding under the name of LauraP being scared to reveal his identity?

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